Saturday, December 07, 2019

Tax Collection

Tax Bills are mailed in early to mid November.  The first half of taxes is due by December 20th.  If the first half of your *personal property tax is not paid by then it begins to accrue interest.  If the first half is paid by December 20th, the second half will be due by May 10th of the following year. 

Please be certain the statement you received is the correct one for your property. 

If your taxes are paid out of an escrow account, your tax bill will be sent to your mortgage company or bank that is handling your account.  A "tax information sheet" will be sent to the property owner.  If your property value goes up, it does not necessarily mean you will pay more taxes.  Likewise, if your property value goes down or does not change, it does not automatically mean you will pay less or the same amount of taxes.  Your taxes are based on how much your local taxing authorities decide to spend on services each year.  Questions pertaining to your  assessments on your property  can be answered by the County Appraiser

The first $2,300 in residential assessed value is exempt from the statewide Unified School District taxes.

Mortgage Company Payments

If you have an escrow account for your real estate taxes with a mortgage company, the mortgage company should receive the tax statement. If you do receive the tax statement instead of the mortgage company, we ask you to forward it to the mortgage company so they can pay taxes from the escrow account. We also ask you to have your current mortgage company notify the County Treasurer's office so that we can get the correct billing information from them.

Mortgage companies are required by Federal Law to make half payments, so they will be paying taxes on or before December 20 and on or before May 10th.

Past due notices are sent to the homeowner, not to the escrow agent. If the mortgage company was to have paid these taxes, you must inform them that the Treasurer's office for the County did not receive the payment. If there are any questions, the mortgage company needs to call the County Treasurer's office at 785 238 6021.

Real Estate Taxes:

After December 20th and before May 10th, the first half payment plus interest can be paid.  If payment is not made by May 10th, the full tax plus interest must be paid.  There is no longer the option of paying just the first half.

If taxes are due and unpaid for three years, the property is subject to a Tax Foreclosure suit by the County.  The property can then be sold at public auction.  Anyone that has delinquent real estate taxes in the County cannot bid at these auctions.

Personal Property Taxes:

The first half tax must be paid by December 20th.  After that date, the full amount of Personal Property taxes are due plus interest.  Full unpaid personal property taxes are sent to the Sheriff for collection in March.  If the first half taxes are paid in December, the second half is due May 10th.  Second half unpaid personal property taxes are sent to the Sheriff for collection in August.

*Tax on personal property is not pro rated, if you own the property Jan. 1st, the full amount is due.  You must pay at least half by Dec. 20th, if not the full amount immediately becomes due and owing.  Interest and penalties begins on Dec. 21st.

Address Changes:

If you have moved, fill out the attached form and either mail to the Geary County Treasurer, 200 E 8th St, Junction City, KS 66441 or email one of the staff members on our contacts page. Please be sure to fill in all the information requested.  Your address will then be corrected for Real Estate, Personal, and Motor Vehicle records.

Click here, for attached form.  (Please note, as of June 11, 2004, the form is not ready to be used.  Instead you can email us or call our office at 785 238 6021 and do an address change.)