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The  information contained in the ROD GRMRecorder software database is available on-line via the GRM Public Access Module. The Tract Index information is available on-line via the Tract Index Search Web Module. You must be a Registered User to access this information on-line.  To become a registered user please contact the Register of Deeds, Diane Briestensky-Leonard, at 785-238-5531. (Access is not available.)

The ROD office started data entry into a database in January 1992 and started imaging the instruments on June 17, 2002. Any image of an instrument prior to June 17, 2002 will need to be accessed via the Tract Index on-line inquiry to get to the Book/Page and contact the ROD office for that instrument.  

Important Dates:

  • 1800's - 1991 - Past History of instruments
  • January 1992 - Data entry into the software database
  • June 17, 2002 - Image of instrument began
  • January 2001 to present - images available on-line using the DMS On-line Access Module

Imaged Documents:

  • Deeds 91 Pg 1575 - Current
  • Deeds 98, page 1238 to 1258 then
  • Deeds 98, page 1282 to present
  • Miscellaneous 47 page 1083 - Current
  • Mortgage 110 page 654 - Current
  • Mortgage 136, page 1018 - 1053 then
  • Mortgage 136, page 1197 to present

Tract Indexes Scanned as of July 27, 2004 and available on-line.

To go to GRMPA Online Access please click here. You will need a user name and password to access this secure site. 

To go to Tract Index Search click on the bold lettering. The User Guide is available by clicking on user guide in bold letters. Reminder: You will need a user name and password to access this secure site. Contact Diane Briestensky-Leonard, Geary County Register of Deeds at 785-238-5531 for more information.

NOTE:  Please allow 2 - 3 days for current instruments/information to be posted to the web access. If in doubt please contact the Register of Deed office to verify information.


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