Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Krista Blaisdell, Geary County Attorney

801 N Washington, Suite A

Junction City, KS 66441

Office Phone: 785-762-4343

Office Fax: 785-762-6778

Victim / Witness Phone: 785-762-7070

Worthless Checks / Traffic Phone: 785-238-1252


Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Monday - Friday


  • Krista Blaisdell - Geary County Attorney    
  • Tony Cruz - Assistant County Attorney                  
  • Michelle Brown  - Assistant County Attorney        

  • Lloyd Graham - Assistant County Attorney     
  • Jason Oxford - Assistant County Attorney        

  • Ralph Walker - Legal Assistant     

  • Wendy Easley - Victim/Witness Coordinator     
  • Kathy Swartzentruber - Worthless Checks/Traffic Secretary        
  • Susan Roberts - Criminal Secretary
  • Sue Burkett - Criminal Secretary
  • Julie Rose - Juvenile Secretary
  • Michelle Zimmer - Legal Secretary

Welcome to the Geary County Attorney’s Office web site. The people who work in this office are committed to the enforcement of the laws of the State of Kansas and the resolutions of Geary County, Kansas. We work each day with law enforcement and the courts to accomplish this task. Our goal is to treat people fairly but firmly, with an emphasis on the conviction and punishment of repeat and violent offenders, to ensure the protection of our community.

Our primary duty is the prosecution of violations of criminal law, including adults and juveniles. We handle cases involving fish and game violations, traffic offenses, drug offenses, domestic assault and battery cases, worthless check cases, business related cases and violent crimes. We spend considerable time and resources dealing with "children in need of care" cases, mental illness, and appellate and legislative matters. Because of the limitations placed on our office by sheer volume of numbers and by current law, we use a number of programs to: collect criminal restitution; assist crime victims; afford first offenders and juvenile offenders in minor matters an opportunity to rehabilitate and serve the community; promote education and crime prevention. 

Our desire is to serve the community, protect its citizens, and make this a better place to live. We are available to answer your questions, and we appreciate your help. Thank you.

Krista Blaisdell

Geary County Attorney