Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Appealing Notice of Value for Personal Property:
The property owner may appeal the classification or appraised value of the personal property listed on the "Notice of Value", which is mailed out on or before May 1st, if they feel it is inaccurate by contacting the County Appraiser's Office. You can do this by May 15th to schedule an informal meeting with an appraiser.  If you do not agree with the results from this meeting,  you may appeal to the Small Claims Division of the Court of Tax Appeals  (COTA).  (KSA 79-1448)

Paying Taxes Under Protest:
The property owner may wish to pay their tax bill under protest, if they believe their taxes were calculated incorrectly or the property values used by the Appraiser are not correct.  Contact the County Appraiser for the appropriate form.  The form must be completed and submitted to the County Appraiser's Office the same day you pay the taxes.  You will then be contacted by the Appraiser's Office to set a date and time for your hearing to discuss the valuation of your property.  If you do not agree with the results from this meeting, you may appeal to COTA (KSA 79-2005)

NOTE:  Per KSA 79-2005b, property owners may appeal the value on their property only once during any tax year, either by appealing your Change of Value Notification or by Payment Under Protest.

Tax Exemption Application:
The property owner may appeal to the county's determination of placing a value on property they feel should be exempt from taxation by filing an application for exemption with the Court of Tax Appeals.

Tax Grievance Application:
The property owner may file a grievance application with the Appraiser's Office to request that a property tax penalty be relieved, or to claim that a clerical error was made. The Appraiser's Office will forward that application to the Court of Tax Appeals.